Using Je fais and Je joue to write sentences

Year 4 revised sporting vocabulary,sang a song called: J’aime le sport!They then played guess the sport behind a picture of the French flag using the sentence structure, Je fais or Je joue, where appropriate. They then used a sentence scaffold to write their own sentences.

Talking about sports

The children found out about the names of different sports in French. They then used their prior knowledge of using J’aime and Je n’aime pas in sentences with the verbs jouer and faire. The learnt that it is rather tricky to remember that some sports use jouer – I like playing and others use faire – I like doing.

Medium term plan: Vive le sport

The topic this half term is, Vive le sport. The children will be learning the names of different sports and expressing opinions about those sports using, J’aime and Je n’aime pas. They will also be using the verbs jouer and faire, to play and to do respectively. They will practice using these verbs in sentences. They will also be writing their own sports diary, and making a poster about their favourite sports, which they will then present to the class